Born of Slime

by Slugdge

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released June 19, 2013

Music & Lyrics by Matt Moss & Kev Pearson. Additional Lyrics for "Killing Field" by Laurence Beer. Cover art by Zen O'Conor. (based on The Destruction of Soddom and Gomorrah, John Martin, 1852)


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Slugdge Lancashire, UK

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Track Name: All Shell Perish
Beyond batrachian bulwarks, before the black gates
The great one lies dormant, forever he waits

Descend upon the cavern of the gods of sloth
a tidal wave of blackened froth, beneath the permafrost

Trapped in worlds of chaos long lost
Bathing in our fear

His festering hordes amass upon the spire of ick
To break the will of human kind, condemn them to the pit

Hunter of the shadow follow him into the deep

Cursed fiends infiltrate your dreams
Psychic screams from the world beneath
Sweat and tears saturating your pain
as the unholy father drains the blood from your veins

Blighted king, low upon the mucus throne, underground
Track Name: Slime Traveler
Wasteland stretching endless miles
What we've left behind.
Nothing but the sound of solitary slithers.
Born of slime.

From the barren earth so deep
They awakened beneath
With their brethren infused
Rivers flow with corrosive ooze

Upon the path of the Greatfather
He who dwells without a spine
Follow in his viscous wake
Back through time.

Cowardly are they, the mollusks that dwell in shells
For they hath not the father's grace

Heretics and worms, they shall be cast down
Into the compost where woodlice weap
Slugs don't sleep, we walk forever over slime
They will answer for their crimes
Track Name: Eyehatesalt
Cruel weapons of the human bastard
sprinking death from up on high
Eyestalks recoiling as my slime trail foams
choking on the crystals in my pneumastome


Inhumane, dessicated and debased
Baking in the scorching sun, their time will come
Mucus glands, bubbling on the concrete slabs
Eaten by domestic cats, but we'll be back

Foolish mortals in the garden lay
bathing in the shade we wait
beady eyes emerge, focusing our wrath
vengeance rides on slimey tracks

Raining acid, caustic downpour on human skulls
melting flesh from bones

Ruthless minions, revolution in human culls
venting hatred ages old

And when the dawn of slime comes, they shall reap what they have sown
Track Name: Killing Fields
Disgusting slaves procreate
Outnumber masters 10 to 1
Spreading like the caustic flame
Wandering plague, dissent among the wavering
humans, on the distant horizon lies their fate

Devouring whole plantations, pillaged; stranglehold
War of attrition for eternity
Deplete their means to exact this wanton greed
But the slimebrothers saw not their doom

War begins, a maelstrom of suffering
Blood congeals in translucent slime
Under the beating sun, the fallen desiccate as one
In death these ancient foes unite

Invertalords call upon such vile forms
as arachnids that creep across the redskyrock
Centipedes from the teeming forests bleed
out from the barrows into fields of salt

Descend the flying fiends,
Vassals of Greatfather’s power
Marshalled as one, to drive man out

The battle rages on in vain
unwinnable stalemate

Speaking barbaric tongues to their cohorts on the flanks
Morale is broken in our ranks

The humans spring their final trap
their victory close at hand..

Failure, defeat, what seemed like victory
Locked beneath in frost we sleep

We won't sleep forever, we shall rise again

Cloudbreak on the killing fields
the light returns as dark receeds
The dead ascend and slugs decay
The dawn of mankinds finest day
Track Name: Pod Hates Us All
Space and time are open to he
who has seen this entity
jibbering gelatinous mass
of puss and mucus from beyond the stars
who feeds on chaos

Sluglord of the deep, send your slime to me

Slippery gateways to the darkest recesses
of hell, accessed through the book of slugs
Incantations summon a visage of the Greatfather
Appeasable by human slaughter

Slugs in eyes, Human lies, Everyone; a slug in disguise

From the Garden known as Slish comes the harbinger of doom
Oh great old slug of war, breaching his cocoon

Fear and loathing will take hold, Behold the Lords of old

Now you witness their true form
For you know not what to do
For in slime you were not born...

Mollusks erupt from moonlit barrows
Blighting the land; now rendered hollow
There no stopping this evil
Draping the world in endless shadow
Track Name: Deus Ex Mollusca
Nothing but dust and shadows
weaving the firmament
winds of creation breathed into an inanimate universe
Darkness and chaos folding
Matter negates the void
Igniting the stars to build his infinite elemental forge

Fusion binds, feed him life
Endless process, all things hopeless

We are but figments of his imagination unbound
Man is the excess; there is no meaning in his grand design

Sliming across the cosmos
Painted in flame and frost
birthing malformed creations; sentinals of the elder god
Nuclear force unravelling
The art of destruction born
For all things that live must die, unbroiled in the sempiternal war

Crumbling foundations, a species undermining
the order of the creator
Consciousness a curse of flesh
Send the Schistastomes a plague of death

Knowledge feeds their human needs, but they were not meant to venture far
Blind their eyes from these forbidden words, show them not reality

Trembling now in the countenance of the Prince of slime
Forever subject to the ever scrutinizing eye.
Track Name: Day of Sludgement
Acrid scents arise from the foliage, blackest death
From my window I gasp in awe as I gaze at them

Under the blood green moon, discoloured, vile
They assimilate into my nightmares
Oh and as they slither across my mind
they plant their seeds for our worlds domination

The end is near, a trail of mucus laced with fear
has slimed across the earth, heralding his rebirth
The lord of plagues, this puss we spew has paved the way
for the second coming of the one true Pod

Hell hath no fury like a mollusk scorned, you've been warned
Their jaws, shall open wide and devour this world, heed these words

From the pits of Kak he rises and consumes
The virgin's blood; upon the altar of shrooms

Vociferus one, infernal god
whose giant foot blackens the sun

Into the black pools of the Ick, his supplicants descend
To be born again, knowing life without end

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