Dim and Slimeridden Kingdoms

by Slugdge

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released September 22, 2015

Written and produced by Kev Pearson & Matt Moss. Album art by Zen O'Conor.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Dim & Slimeridden Kingdoms
Decrepit ruins, an ancient fane in disarray
Rivers of cadaverine snake below obsidian palisades
Bathed in an ill moonlight, igneous spires breaching the louring sky
Resident to dark terrors both malevolent and unseen

Haunted through the heart of darkness
by horrors unknown
A nightmare that never subsides
wading through wastelands of bone.

Sojourn in galleries of anguish searching for wisdom's elusive pearl
lost in a lonesome city, witness the last gasp of a dying world
statues lie broken, shattered in conflicts fought long ago
roots reaching into black trenches
reclaiming the earth from the stone

The rancour in it's construction outlived it's architects
Labyrinthine and monolithic, hallowed hall of the dead

City of shades, a pale reflection of it's past glory
where the dead ever roam in the crumbling halls
now entombed by their greed delving far too deep
down where fiends never sleep and the light can't reach

twisted creatures rend and flay, draped in skins in their sick masquerade
flesh stripped victims to discard, butchered for amusement in this cursed abattoir

Dank baneful chasms, caliginous and bare
where hope is exiguous, all are prone to despair
where the ill-fated wander in the land of the Pod
ever crawling in circles beaten back by a dense freezing fog.
Track Name: Spore Ensemble
Descending through cavernous, black fungal chasms
in search of a forsaken Kingdom once lost
furtive foulness, that lurk in the shadows
bioluminosity outlining their hulking forms

Rearing up from the gulch now before him; the roots of Ankath-Shol
the bastion of Yeth-Shuul; hunter of mortal souls

Life is fleeting, death is vital, and essential to his cycle
All is finite, yet not final, pain is pleasure, fear is primal
Love and hatred; paralysing, conflict driving and dividing
in the rapture of his spiral, constant fight for survival

Lost in the maze of his playground of bloodlust
hounded by the hunters just outside of sight
Adrenaline coarsing, pushing him harder
consumed by paranoia, in a bid to escape the night

From a swallow hole black as the void
gore drenched tendrils reach
revealing a gaping maw filled with innumerable iron teeth

Endless mass of writhing horror, oozing and putrid
filling the air, dense and oppressive

drained of vitality he falls to his knees
Now at the mercy of the beast
There are no questions, no mysteries left
he feels most alive when faced with death

Terror manifest permeating his flesh
Never to feel the same again

From this nightmare he turns and runs
faster than he has ever done
Leaping farther, striding harder
What does not kill him makes him strong.
Track Name: The Toxic Salts
Maledictions spoken aloud from the slime-ridden scriptures
pages of abject text which eyes cannot decipher
strange visions appear in the poisonous fire

Payments paid in the blood of batrachian slaves cast into seering vats
Arise, luminous beings of vapour
now thralls in the servitude of the betrayer

Kneeling in murky waters, the soul now clean
Baptised and reborn; his blood runs green

Sanity fades as reality melts away, before the gates of our lord
Tendrils emerge from an ocean of darkness, dragging my soul into the void

Take the ichor, the bitter taste of corruption
exist as an abomination
Until the death of the universe

A god amongst men all alone in his head
The same, yet alien, alone in the end, the king of the dead, the god amongst men

Elation marred by the realisation
Immortality has become a curse
a god desires nothing
for divinity is hell in the minds of the living

Once more into the breach; gazing deep beyond the tides of oblivion
where the fundaments dance to the tune of gargantuan tenebrous gods

Crystalline sprites now forming before him
attemping to show him the mind of Mollusca
all spectrums of light visible in the scrying
confounded by new found perspectives on dying.
Track Name: Suffering Quahog
In cold recesses of infinite time
I have slept beneath the grime
then from the surface world
came to me with prying hands
and plucked me from the sand

Dissect my body in search of power
clandestine secrets of the shell
Intrigued by my longevity
in an environmental hell

My smashed and broken form shall give rise
to horrors undreamt of by the mind

Alive since time immemorial
to be dredged from our home
I shall not relinquish the secrets of the slime
they are mine, and mine alone

500 years existed, dormant, and without a care
Free from the tyranny of air
Witnessed the rise the fall of Empires from beneath the waves
and seen my slimebrethren enslaved

Suddenly man takes an interest in me; i'm swept up and caged

Probed and desecrated, left to bake out in the sun
They shall suffer for their wrongs

For a thousand aeons
We have havested the souls
of much greater things than you
In the end my death
shall be a sacrifice
In the service of his truth.
Track Name: Flying Snails
Salt and copper, impenetrable walls
destined to drown in alcohol
forever endangered by dessication
He now bears witness to their indignation

Melding together, the fusing of flesh
A taste of the agony that awaits beyond death
eldritch monster, many now one
cellular mitosis enriched by the sun
a metamorphosis that cannot be undone

To overcome adversity sacrifices must be made
We adapt or we die, no escape, life is pain.

Not of this world, borne of black magic
from daemoniac realms

Hybrid mutation of sentient slime
defying the odds in a bid to survive.
Track Name: The Chapter For Transforming Into a Slug
Cast down into the dirt, to live amongst worms in the dark bowels of the earth
Once respected now hated, imprisoned with blasphemous heathens and traitors
Kept silent in cold isolation, rage seething vortex of acerbic vexation
agglomeration of seditious usurpers are primed in the furnace of anarchic fervor

The black horde will come to stamp out the embers of the dying sun.
Beseige their Babylon; entombed within their own creation.
and as the ceiling caves, their fallen cradle turns into a grave.
Behind their crumbling walls they bend like wheat in a storm.

Commanded; Recite, he journies to Slish in the cold dead of the night
with the rest of his kind, in morbid procession on torrents of slime.
Vile lord of repulsion unfurls revealing the boils ripe with pus for his churls
Thereupon his foul humours they feed, sometimes the world must be cleansed with disease.

Willing to lay waste, they're fueled with the fury of malignant faith
where death is no disgrace, it's all or nothing in their crusade.
Rebuild a Kingdom gone, a garden for the chosen ones
upon the fertile mud the earth runs red with blood

Oppressed becoming tyrant
replace order with violence
Through senseless intervention
Disrupted ecosystem

Corrupted, all for nothing, the beauty has been stolen, just emptiness and loathing
Ambition choking reason, the power I amass can't fill the void that's left

Fallen from grace, lost in greed, the knowledge he sought is a curse to concieve
Twisted, malformed, alone in the dark, when faced with the truth of what we are
Track Name: Pellet In The Head
the beauty of the flames' enthralling glare
a perfect sphere suspended in the air
a blinding light ignites to wash away
when all is dust, a shadow remains

In strokes of red, murder becomes art
it's influence still felt from afar
these blinking stars, in their evanescence
burn their brightest just before the end

Mesmerized by the burning skies
ensorcelled by destruction
Pacified by the noose around our neck
the perfect death.

Asleep or dead? Inside or outside of my head?
Soothing sounds of torture so I might convalesce.

Captivating strangulation, erotic suffocation
A contradiction designed for failure
that executes it's saviour.
Track Name: Unchained Malady
At the end of days, circling a bloated sun
Cast adrift within an endless vacuum
Interordinal hybridization
of brobdingnagian creation

From this dais he reigns
Horror Unchained
Ever growing, larger and larger
drinking deep of the ceaseless slaughter
Feasting upon his sons and daughters

All hail the Greatfather, the King.
and the dark pods eternal.

Mucus from the poison abyss
enthroned in the putrescent Gardens of Slish
beyond the black gulf of unending time
hideous nebulae woven in slime

Reborn of the ooze, brought back, exhumed from gravities tomb
captive by the force of ten thousand stars
his fury for aeons confined to the dark

Harvester of the cosmic sea
nourishing his eternity

and when all is gone, and the boundaries melt
he hangs in the heavens devouring himself
in the chaos of this transformation
metaphysical annihilation

as his power wanes
energies dissipate
ever falling, farther and farther
in the heart of his collapsing structure
igniting a seed of another Mollusca

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